Home Care – Ways to Pay for Home Care Services

There are a lot of families today especially those who have loved ones that have reached old age already who chooses to have in-home care because they find it less costly and not so expensive rather than hiring private nurse or sending them to nursing home or assisted living facility near them.

They consider home care as the next thing to help take care of our elders in the next generation. The cost of home care varies depending on the number of hours of service rendered and the level of care needed by the senior. There are certain home care services who values quality work time for your elders rather than costing too much on the services they offer.

So, furthermore, to help you choose how to best pay for your home care aid or caregiver needs, you should consider these following options for proper home care services:

  1. When it comes to home care, consider long term care insurance beforehand – when you are still healthy and young, this is the best time for you to apply for long term care insurance but it is not always possible especially if you are just earning right amount for your daily needs. It is best to seek the counsel of your financial advisor, elder law attorney or insurance agent to fully review the types of coverage available. In addition, be sure to research if the company that will pay on the policy is reputable, stable and has a good rating. There are a lot of companies who only take you for granted and only wants your money rather than giving you proper home care service your family needs.
  2. Reverse mortgage will allow homeowners aged 62 or older to access the equity they have in their own home – This is good news for all homeowners particularly to old aged people. The lender will make payments to you as the homeowner so that you can make home improvements and modifications for safety and accessibility or even to pay for home care needs and more. The loan funds you receive are likely to be tax-free and will not affect Social Security payments or Medicare benefits. You can ask for assistance or you can search it online for financial consultation and for more detailed information about it.
  3. Lastly, you can add public benefit programs for your home care needs – For those families who have loved ones who lives on a limited income and with few assets in hand, they are qualified for home care assistance through Medicaid, veteran’s benefits and the program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly or what they call PACE. Your local Area Agency on Aging is another helpful resource for at-home care coverage. They can help you give support of what you need to get a home care service you need.

If you want to know more information about how to get the right home care services you need without any budget, you can contact us and will give you additional details for affordable in-home care needs and services offered.

Home Care – Summer Skin Care Tips for Seniors

We all know that it is really important to avoid too much sun heat especially during summer days. With so many things happening during summer time, each passing year, the sun will also poses more of a risk to our skin and to our health as well because of the damage that we humans have done to the ozone layer of the Earth.

According to experts, it leaves us vulnerable to UV (Ultraviolet) rays that can produce DNA damage in the skin and mucous membranes in which it causes genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer, premature skin aging, eye cataracts and other related eye conditions. It is too risky for seniors most especially because of their age.


We are suggested to wear sunscreen whenever we go to the beach or walking outdoors but it is simply not that enough to keep you protected anymore. These days, according to research and experts, skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer that occurs each year. Risk factors for skin cancer include pale skin that sunburns easily, a history of sunburns in the past, a weakened immune system and old age.


So to keep you updated and safe from too much heat of the sun particularly to our seniors, you can keep your skin healthy this summer by doing the following steps:


  1. Know and avoid the sun during its peak hours – Usually the sun or the harmful effects of the UV rays is strongest from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. So if you are about to spend time outside your house during these hours, you should remain in the shade and never leave the house without sunscreen protection on. It is better to be safe than doing nothing.


  1. Always use sunscreen even if it is cloudy days – Whenever you don’t see the sun when you are about to go out on your house, it doesn’t mean that it can’t damage your skin. Always use sunscreen with SPF 30 or even higher than that during cloudy days. Reapply sunscreen every two hours. This is for all seniors and even to the younger generation.


  1. Wear hats and sunglasses when going out of your house – It is not always practical to wear long sleeves and pants when it is really hot especially during summer time. It is best that you should wear hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes which are incredibly effective for blocking the dangerous effect of the UV rays.


  1. Keep your body healthy by staying hydrated all the time – Especially during summer days, drinking water is essential to keep our entire body and immune system healthy which includes our skin. It is recommended that we need to drink particularly our seniors to eight or more glasses of water each day.


  1. For all ages, we need to take vitamin D supplement – We all know that sunshine is a natural source of vitamin D and since we are avoiding the direct sunlight, we can be potentially deficient in vitamin D especially our seniors. Taking a daily vitamin D supplement can help you combat any side effects of a deficiency.


It is important that we should do self-check with our body for sunspots or suspicious looking lesions that could lead to skin cancer. Be sure to follow these steps particularly if you have seniors in your home care to ensure that you have enough protection against damage to your skin.

Aging Gracefully? How You Feel About It Makes It Easier [Infographic]

Make it a point to tell your elderly parents, uncles or aunts that aging is normal and feeling good about aging helps in making you look better as you age. Meanwhile, nobody could blame elders, even youngsters, when they feel bad about getting old.

But then again, those in their mid-ages think they’re younger. While it is quite humorous to note, most people find it satisfying when they’ve looked a certain way as they’ve aged.

Home Care – Safe Cooking and Food Preparation for Senior Adults

As we reached the senior years or adult old aged, our body systems also changes depends on our health conditions and other related situations. This is natural because of the human cycle and it is natural aging changes. Plus, common conditions like arthritis and diabetes or the side effects of the medications you have taken can leave senior adults at higher risks for food-related illness and even with food poisoning.

To help us avoid food-related illness and to protect older people when handling, preparing and consuming liquids and foods by simply following these steps in food and cooking safety:

  1. When cooking meat for your elderly or seniors, you should heat the meats and even poultry thoroughly to a safe internal temperature – It is best that we should use a food thermometer to check the internal food temperature that we will serve to our seniors. Guides on safe minimum cooking temperatures generally advise most raw meats should be done and cooked to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit before serving it.
  2. Before handing and preparing food to serve to your elders or seniors, wash your hands to avoid any unnecessary bacteria in the food – Bacteria can spread throughout the kitchen and home by means of food, the use of cutting boards, countertops and through utensils used. Always remember to wash hands in warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds before and after you hand over the food or if you are going to use the bathroom or touch pets.
  3. Before cutting using them, rinse all the fruits and vegetables under running tap water to wash away all the chemicals used and bacteria around the food – Wash them all even those who have marked as prewashed. You need to make sure to wash them before using so that you can be sure that it is safe to cook and prepare for your elders.
  4. When handling or preparing foods for your seniors, you need to avoid cross-contamination of one raw food to another to make sure that you are really preparing safe food – Be extra diligent when handling raw poultry, meat, seafood and eggs. Do not reuse marinades used on raw foods unless you boil the marinades before using.
  5. Always make sure that you refrigerate the foods you have bought properly and promptly – Remember that all perishable foods are required to be chilled ideally within one hour of purchase of cooking so that it won’t be contaminated from bacteria. Also, you do not thaw foods at room temperature. Always make sure to clean the utensils to use before you cook them to avoid any unwanted bacteria in your food preparation.
  6. Lastly, if you are in doubt of your cooking and all the process of your food preparation throw them all out in the bin – Do not unnecessary decisions when in doubt. For seniors, whose sense of smell and eyesight is limited, you need to always be at best when you toss foods to them. They have no idea whether the food is on expiration date or not have been properly refrigerated when cooked.

You can search online for some food planning and meal preparation as well as other homemaking and adult companionship services for better home care services. What are your greatest concerns about food and cooking safety for your older loved ones? Share it with us below at the comment section.

Introduction to Home Care Services


We all know that the time will come that we will become adults and we need to live our lives independently and then new will realize that it is becoming increasingly hard to do daily tasks without assistance when we reach the old age stage. Although we already know that it is a cycle of life that changes any person in the world, it is a reality for many seniors these days.

Most of the time men and women who reach the old age happen to seek help of home care agency so that they can sustain their needs from time to time. There are many home care nurses and assistants these days that performs variety of tasks that could help aid their clients. The level of care needed will determine whether or not a home health care worker will be in a home caring for its occupant or occupants full-time or part-time.


What do home care services require these days?

As we all know that home care can mean different things to different people according to age and lifestyle. There are a number of different areas that a home care nurse or aide can help with. There are a lot of senior citizens that require assistance in maintaining their home and medical needs. They may need to hire someone to assist with household tasks like housekeeping, laundry, and shopping.  Others may require additional assistance with gardening and handyman services. Also, there are seniors who only hire home care assistants to take care of them from day to day. Many seniors need help paying bills and managing their finances too. The person handling the financial aspect of an older adult’s life should be trustworthy. You might happen to read in newspapers and stories in the media about misappropriation of client funds that their assistants may took for granted. It’s best to have a trusted family member or an attorney when it comes to financial settlement. Also, there are other areas that a home care assistants or aids can help the seniors like:


  1. Transportation – there are cases wherein seniors losses their sight and hearing that’s why it can be difficult to leave the home to run errands. They may also accompany them on public transportation.
  2. Home Care or Modifications – this is where a home care aid helps the seniors inside their homes like keeping them safe in going to the bathroom or shower. There are many senior safety tips that can help you accident proof their home.
  3. Personal Necessities – these are the care most seniors would require with their aid or assistant such as dressing, feeding, bathing and meal preparation. It is among the tasks that some individuals find difficult doing by themselves when they’ve reached old age.
  4. Health Care – there are certain home care aids or assistants that are trained professionals that seniors can hire to come in their homes and give them personalized services.


There are other home cares services that most people need help in more than one area like for example seniors like to hire home care aid or assistant for companionship because they have difficulties in socializing as they aged. You can remain in your home and hire a full-time caregiver to live with you or multiple part-time home care employees to provide care to you or your elderly loved one at different times of the day.  This ensures that the person being cared for is never left alone where they can be vulnerable.