What is Blogging?

Blogging started as a way for people to express their thoughts and opinions online. The term blog came about as a shortened version of ‘web log’ and people often used them as a journal where they could share their experiences online. Blogs are usually written in an informal tone and visitors can leave comments about the content that they have just read. They can be about almost any subject and are a great way to meet like-minded people online.

Today blogging is also often used by companies to inform customers about things that are related to products that they sell. They have become a powerful marketing tool and you will find that most companies will now have a blog on their website. The reason that blogs are so useful for marketing is that they are a great way for encouraging new visitors to a site. They usually tend to rank well in search engines and so if someone is searching for an answer to a particular question, they are likely to come across a blog post that answersit.

Another way that companies are now using blogs for marketing to encourage other bloggers to talk about their products. They will approach well established bloggers who talk about a subject that is related to their products and ask them if they will write a piece about a particular product.